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Baby Flat Head


It is often very worrying as a parent seeing the back of your baby's head becoming flatter as they grow older. Many feel that there is something drastically wrong with their baby. It can be quite disfiguring. The good news is that this is not a condition to be worried too much about in the majority of cases. With the use of appropriate baby head rests this can be treated or prevented. Our baby head rests have been designed by paediatricians to help with this condition and are one of the most popular brands in Australia. A good piece of advice is to buy a spare head rest cover as it is so much easier to remove it and clean it compared to washing the pillow itself!

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Mije Baby Head Rest - Summary The Baby Head Rest is the ideal shape to gently cradle baby's head ..
$39.95 $29.00
Mije Baby Head Rest Cover - Summary The Mije Baby Head Rest Cover has been specifically designed ..
$12.95 $6.00
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