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Baby Not Sleeping


When your baby is not sleeping for long periods of time, it wears you out. You often come to a point where you feel sick from lack of sleep. Why not try some of the products we have carefully selected to try and help you get from baby not sleeping to baby sleeping well!

Night Lights

A common cause of babies not sleeping and hence crying at night is feeling lonely and isolated. Night lights light the room making it less dark and threatening for baby. They are able to see things that are familiar around him/her and feel more reassured increasing the liklihood of sleep. Many night lights can also make soothing sounds or play music which can also reassure baby and ensure some extra sleep for their parents! View our extensive night light selection below.


Often babies feel insecure and scared following birth. They have been enclosed in a tight environment that doesn't allow them much space to move. Once out, and able to swing their limbs freely, they can become insecure and frightened. A good solution for this is using a swaddle. These are used to wrap up babies tightly mimicking their position in the womb. They will feel safer and often sleep for longer. The most popular swaddles available in Australia are the Love To Dream and Ergobaby Swaddles. You can view these below.

Anti-Colic Teats

A common cause of babies not sleeping is colic. This often can make them not able to sleep. Anti-colic teats are a good way to try and reduce the amount of colic your baby suffers. Our Chicco feeding bottles come with anti-colic teats and are a great solution to try to improve the time your baby sleeps. Check them out below!

Teething Products

Teeth erupting through gums can be painful. Pain from this often is a cause of a baby not sleeping. Teething products for babies can help them chew and try and ease their pain somewhat. One of the most poopular world wide products is Sophie the Giraffe. See if she can help you recover some of your lost sleep! View these products below.

Respiratory Products

Babies frequently get colds. This can make them have blocked noses, reducing their ability to breathe as well as coughs which generally wake them up. Both these simple problems can cause baby to wake at night and not sleep. Nasal aspirators are a good way to try and help baby breate better through their nose. If gently done, this can be quite helpful. To try and help reduce baby's cough, a humidifier can help to add water to the air. The moist air sooothes babys air tubes and can help improve their cough. Humid air also can open nasal passages as well. Have a look at these products below.


The sucking reflex of a baby is often enough to settle them. If baby is not sleeping well, try a dummy or soother to try and induce this reflex. These are a very popular option for a baby that is not sleeping as success is often quite high. Our Chicco soothers are soft and dont' hurt baby's mouth or face when being used. The natural rubber options is extremely popular amongst parents. Check them out below!

Sleeping Bags

Often babies don't sleep or wake frequently because they are cold. The traditional use of sheets and a blanket don't move with a wriggly baby that often can squirm up the cot and out of their warmth. A baby sleeping bag, is an ingenious way to always keep baby warm. It attaches around baby and hence moves with him/her. These can only be used however once a baby reaches the minimum age of 3 months. They are not recommended for newborn babies. You can view our most popular baby sleeping bags below.

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