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Breast Pads


Sick of your breast milk leaking onto your clothes and causing embarrassment? Well, there is help available! There are a number of different types of breast pad available in Australia that can gie yo confidence that the scream of another persons child will not be a problem!  Our range of breast pads includes re-usable, disposable and silicone types.

Re-usable Breast Pads

Re-usable breast pads are popular amongst those that like to help the environment and are happy to wash and re-use them. These are considered not quite as absorbant or hygenic as their counterparts but were what was used in earlier times nad obviously did a sufficient job then! Many mums who use these types of breast pads have at least three pairs so that whilst one pair is getting cleaned and dry, another pair can be used - and of course yo need a spare pair in your bag in case you need to change!

Disposable Breast Pads

Disposable breast pads are possibly the most popular type of breast pad used in Australia today. These are usually non stick and more obsorbant thatn their re-useable counterparts. Chicco breast pads are thought to be particularly more absorbant than most. They also have a special anti-bacterial design that reduces the risk of infections. Once a disposable breast pad has been used, it is simply thrown away and another put on from the box.

Silicone Breast Pads

The silicone type of breast pad is becoming ever more popular as it is getting more well known. These stay on your nipple as the soft slicone material clings to your skin softly. Milk collects between the pad and the breast and changing is little more than taking it off and emptying the milk away before re-attaching the breast pad. Many owrking mums love this type of breast pad, however they are more expensive than other forms of breast pad. View our seleciton below.

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