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Breastfeeding Back Pain


Breastfeeding you new little baby uses muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. These muscles are usually not accustomed to being used as frequently in in new positions and hence they get overloaded and start to become painful. There are products on the market that can help prevent and relieve these pains.

Breastfeeding Arm Support

The arm holding your baby whilst breastfeeding can often get tired and weery if it has no support. Babies although not heavy are dead weights and when supporting even just a newborns weight for repeated and prolonged periods of time can casue stress on the arm ligaments, joints and muscles. Supporting your arm when feeding with a breastfeeding pillow is a common soloution. These are designed to wrap around your body to taek baby's weight and allow you to feed effortlessly and pain-free. The Boppy pillow was the first of these to arive on the scene and is still the most popular brand on the market.

Breastfeeding Back & Neck Support

Another common problem with breastfeeding is the pain in the back and neck. This often develops because the position you are sitting in to feed is not correct. Good posture is akey to comfortable and safe breastfeeding. We cannot recommend highly enough, using a breastfeeding chair specifically designed for this purpose. The breastfeeding ergodynamics are designed into the chair which leads to many  more happya nd comfortable breastfeeding women! Using a specific breastfeeding chair allows your entire body to sit in the most ergodynamic position to feed your baby and make you feel ever so comfortable. When used in combination with a breastfeeding pillow, you will be optimising your schance of successful feeding and it being pain-free. 

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