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Pink Car Seats

Posted by in Car Seat Reviews on July 10, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Pink Car Seats

There is something about little baby girls that demands all things pink! Customers are forever asking if we stock pink car seats and up until now there has been very few options. With the release of the new Infa-Secure Pink Car Seat collection, it is easy to find a safe, well-designed pink car seat in the age range you require.

All Infa-Secure car seats are made to comply with our tough Australian Car Seat Standards. Their age range allocations are a general recommendation and when buying your new pink car seat, you must follow the guides on the seats themselves as to whether your child fits a particular model as car seats are designed to fit to the shoulder height of the child and not their age or weight. In addition, all Infa-Secure car seats come with a lifetime warranty on the shell and 12 month warranty on the cover. 

The Infa-Secure Pink Car Seat collection contains two styles suitable from newborn. The Luxi Caprice Convertible Car Seat is designed to be used from newborn to approximately eight years old, so you should never have to buy another car seat! It has been made as slim as possible to enable easier installation. It faces backwards from newborn to approximately six months of age using an internal harness as a seat belt. The seat is then turned to forward facing with the harness still being used, up until approximately four years of age. From then on, the Luxi Caprice becomes a booster seat using the seat belt of the car itself. 


A great feature of this car seat is the single belt path for all three modes making installation even more simple and quick. In addition, standard to all car seats in Australia that weigh more than two kilograms, the Luxi Caprice is anchored into the back of the car to ensure that in the case of an accident, your child is kept as safe as possible. 

The Luxi Caprice is made to grow with your baby. It has an adjustable headrest and five shoulder slot heights for the internal harness, which make adjusting your seat to fit your child correctly is easy. It’s nine recline positions are great to ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible when sleeping. Being part of the Infa-Secure Caprice range, it comes in numerous cool, bright colours and a mountain of padding including ergo dynamically designed lumbar and infant support inserts, shoulder and crotch pads. Lastly but not least a stylish sun hood and seat protector are included.

The Infa-Secure Kompressor Caprice Convertible Car Seat is the alternative car seat in the Infa-Secure Pink Car Seat Range suitable from newborn. It has similar features to the Luxi Caprice but does have some significant differences, including a more affordable price. The Kompressor Caprice is only suitable up to approximately four years old. It is used in the rear facing position initially, just like the Luxi Caprice, however it doesn’t need to be turned around to front facing until approximately 12 months old. The Kompressor Caprice has an even narrower base in comparison to the Luxi Caprice, making it easier to access the vehicle’s car seat buckle during installation and allowing three restraints to be fitted across the back seat of the car. The Kompressor Caprice has a shorter front to back length than the Luxi Caprice, which is the shortest of any 0-4 year car seat on the market.  This gives more leg room for your child in their car seat but also enables the vehicle seat in front of it to have more distance from the cars front airbags, making it safer for the passenger in the event of an accident. All other product features of these two car seats are exactly the same.


The next pink car seat in the Infa-Secure Pink Car Seat collection is the Infa-Secure Comfi Caprice Convertible Booster Seat.  This is suitable to be used from approximately six months to approximately eight years of age and is only a frontward facing car seat. It is a good option to move into once your baby grows out of his or her capsule, and is more affordable than seats suitable from newborn. It is a re-designed version of the famous Infa-Secure Comfi Cruiser which is still, in regards to forward facing restraints, one of the highest rated seats in its class on the Australian Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP).

The Comfi Caprice has an internal harness that is used in the seat until the child is approximately four years old. This is then removed and a booster is formed to enable use until approximately eight years old, in conjunction with the vehicle’s seat belt. Safety features of the Comfi Caprice include an extremely strong ergodynamic shell with a high back rest and large side wings to protect from impacts, anti-submarining technology and a SelfGrip Belt Clamp that stops the lap belt riding up to the abdominal area in the event of an accident. The innovative under-the-seat path significantly reduces the forward movement of the seat during an accident in comparison to other car seats on the market. It has the standard Caprice padding features including an adjustable, removable headrest pad, shoulder strap pads, an extra seat pad and crotch buckle pad. The shell has a lifetime warranty and the cover a 12 months one.


The Infa-Secure Vario Caprice is the last pink car seat in our Infa-Secure Pink Car Seat collection review. This is a booster seat and is suitable from approximately four years old up until approximately eight years old. It easily exceeds Australian Standards requirements having received a four star CREP rating and five stars in critical feature testing. It’s safety features include headrest side wings for side impact protection, a SelfGrip Belt Clamp and anti-submarining design, protecting against serious abdominal injuries. Other features of the Vario Caprice include a coloured removable cover, foldable cup holders, narrow external width to enable three restraints across the rear of most cars and a large seat base to accommodate larger kids.


Infa-Secure is an Australian owned and operated business – one of our own. It’s new Pink Car Seat collection has hit the market by storm with it’s popularity growing by the day. Now you can buy a pink car seat for a child of any age and be assured that it is one of the safest and innovative products on the market. 


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