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Car Seat Regulation Change 2014

Posted by in Car Seat Reviews on September 19, 2014 . 0 Comments.

The Type G Child Restraint is now legal

What's Happened?

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has this week mandated the new 2013 Australian Standard for use of child restraints in motor vehicles. This means that there will be significant changes to the way children in Australia can be restrained in cars. Briefly, now able to be sold in Australia are car seats that contain a harness to restrain the child in the car from 6 months to 8 years old. This is a new class of car seat call the G-Type restraint. In addition, ISOFIX car seats can now be manufactured and sold as can car seats that are capable of seating the child rear-facing for far longer. Low birth-weight baby capsules can also be developed now and car seats can be manufactured that can be labelled suitable for aircraft travel.

The innovative new G-Type restraint from Australia's own Infa-Secure, the Evolve Caprice Forward Facing Car Seat is now legal and able to be sold throughout Australia. This is the first of the new era of car seats the new legislation allows.

What does this mean?

This mandate is of great importance for the Australian public. We will focus in this article on the new G-Type child restraint, the Evolve Caprice. This offers children of approximately four years and above, a far safer car seat to travel in whilst out and about on Australian roads. Up until now, children of this age were restrained within the car by just the vehicles own seat belt. Now the Evolve Caprice offers an internal harness, proven to be far safer in the event of an accident, to be used right up until the time the child no longer requires a car seat. For more info visit here.

What happens now?

Practically speaking, you can now buy the Infa-Secure Evolve Caprice for your children from Australian retailers! Technically speaking, the new regulation will now be entered on the Federal register for Legislative Instruments (FRLI) as Consumer Protection Notice No.3 2014. Information will then be updated on the Product Safety Australia website in terms that ordinary Australians will understand.

How do I know I am being sold a legal car seat?

Now, any car seat that complies with versions 2004, 2010 and 2013 of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754 can be legally supplied by Australian retailers. It will NOT however be legal to supply a car seat complying only to version 2000. or earlier versions. Hence you must ask your retailer when looking at car seats whether their car seats comply with the correct standards. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the manufacturer yourself to confirm the car seat you are buying is legal.

If you are interested in purchasing the new Infa-Secure Evolve Caprice Car Seat CLICK HERE.

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