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Boori Cots Explained

Posted by in Cot Reviews on September 22, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Boori Cot Conversion Technologies

The cot brand Boori has been around for years. It has changed and evolved through time and now the most recent innovation to their belt is their conversion technology cots. These can be divided up into five categories.

Boori Cot beds

All Boori cots are cot beds. This means that they convert to a toddler bed following their use as a cot. A good example is the Boori Classic Cot Bed. In some instances as well, these cot beds can convert to a small sofa as well! Usually a cot bed will last from newborn up to around five years old. This is far longer than just a cot which tends to be used only for 2-3 years from birth. Boori cot beds are value for money! 

Boori Transformer

Boori Transformer cot beds can be used as a cot from newborn and then when needed are able to be transformed into single beds. No additional extra conversion kit is required. Everything you will ever need to achieve the cot and single bed look are already included. 

Boori Expandable

The Boori Expandable cot bed range convert from a cot to toddler bed and single bed, however in contrast to the Transfomer cot beds, a conversion kit is required to be purchased separately. In addition, these Expandable cot beds can be transformed into a small sofa when a bed is no longer required.

Boori Convertible 

Maximum longevity is achieved with the Boori Convertible cot bed range. These cot beds can convert from a cot to toddler bed then into a full size double bed or sofa. A good example of a Boori Convetible cot is the Boori Sleigh Convertible Cot Bed.

Boori Convertible Plus

The jewel in Boori's crown these days is their Convertible Plus range of cot beds. After the cot and toddler bed forms are outgrown, the Convertible Plus Cot becomes a full size double bed AND comfortable adult sofa at the same time! Check out the Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed!

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